Download brella™ Today!

brella™ helps you protect your card by sending you alerts when your card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized or fraudulent activity on your account.  You will have the option to receive alerts via text or email.  You can also check your account balance anytime, turn your card off and on, send money to other brella™ users and find nearby ATMs.

Alerts are provided for:

  • Purchases exceeding thresholds as defined by you
  • Card-not-present purchases
  • Suspicious or high-risk transactions

Set blocks for:

  • Transactions exceeding a specific dollar amount
  • Internet and phone transacations
  • Transactions conducted outside of the U.S.

Turn your debit card on or off:

  • Disable a lost or stolen card
  • Prevent fraudulent activity
  • Control spending

For instructions on using the brella™ app click on the brella™ user guide